My Bucket List

1. Dunk with Lebron James
2. Watch Lebron James play
3. Dunk a basketball
4. Watch the Raptors play at home
5. Travel all over Italy and find the best pasta
6. Meet drake
7. Drive a car worth more then $150 000
8. Go bungee jumping
9. Break 80 on the golf course
10. Meet Joe and Seth Rogan
11. Graduate University
12. Live in a different city
13. Grow old in Winnipeg
14. Own a cabin
15. Own a condo in florida/cali
16. Go to Bora Bora
17. Have kids
18. Win money in Vegas
19. Go to Bobby Flay’s restaurant
20. Have Gordon Ramsay taste my food
21. Go to tomorrow land
22. Go to Osheage
23. Go to Australlia
24. Go to New Zeland
25. Go to Fance
26. Go to Greece
27. Go to UK
28. Beat Christian Henry in a game of golf
29. Go to a game 7 of the NBA or NHL finals
30. Buy my dad a car
31. Move into my dream house
32. Fine the best restaurant in Winnipeg
33. Learn to sing
34. Record a song with Alyssa
35. Have a career I love
36. See my brother graduate
37. Visit my uncle in BC for week
38. Learn to surf
39. see SNL live
40. Bench Press 315 pounds
41. Change someones life
42. Help a homeless person
43. Record a song
44. Meet the prime minister
45. Hit 1000 pounds for my raw total
46. Own a boat
47. Buy a Rolex
48. Study at the university of Toronto
49. Eat healthy
50. Go to Bora Bora
51. Become a “good” cook
52. Hit a high “f”
53. Volunteer at a local animal shelter
54. Play on a soccer team
55. Find buried treasure
56. Go zip lining
57. Go to Fiji
58. Vote
59. Bungie jump
60. Go on a 5 star vacation
61. Find a cure for headaches
62. Take a picture with the Eiffle tower
63. Sing the anthem at a professional sports game
64. Make a 3 pointer at the staples center
65. Play golf with a PGA player
66. Own a BWM M6
67. Go to the NBA all star game
68. Go MJ’s basketball camp
69. Have a suits marathon
70. Watch all the the star wars in a row
71. Watch all the lord of the rings in a row
72. Travel to Morocco
73. Travel to the Netherlands
74. Snowboard down a mountain
75. Travel to Milan
76. Catch a ball at a major league game
77. Catch a puck from an nhl game
78. Meet Kobe
79. Hit a golf ball 330 yards
80. Drunk on Tyler Miexner
81. See my son/daughter graduate
82. See a Winnipeg jet playoff game
83. Flip a real estate investment
84. Meet Chris Jones
85. Go to Cuba
86. Own a 2015 corvette stingray
87. Own a 1965 mustang Shelby GT 350
88. Go to Nepal
89. Plant a tree
90. Swim in every ocean
91. Visit every continent
92. Fly a plane
93. Own a go cart
94. Own a nice bike
95. Punch someone in the face
96. Sky dive
97. Hold a snake
98. Swim with a shark
99. Catch a fish longer then 30 inches
100. Punch someone in the face
101. Go to RHCP concert


Personal Addition #28 Makeup

This might sound a bit strange, but lately I have become really interested in makeup! I rarely ever wear makeup, and when I do its for a special reason. For some reason I have started watching lots of makeup “how to” videos and started to widen my collection. I love to contour with power and liquid contour! I find it more like art then an every day look. I think it is very important as a teen growing up to know how to make yourself look classy and presentable. Trust me, there is no need to cake on makeup to make yourself look better. There are many simple little tricks that look very natural and just give you an extra sparkle! I started watching a particular girls videos and really enjoyed what she had to say and her tutorials. If you click on the link below it goes to her youtube page! I learned a lot from her and I hope to pass it on.

Authors Note

My Bucket List is a combination of everything I like mashed together. I have so many goals and adventures that have nothing to do with each other. A majority of my list items have to do with entertainment and performing. Although I did not purposely make that theme I am not surprised it turned out that way. Performing has been a huge part of my life since I was a little girl. Many of my goals include places I want to perform like, Broadway or singing the national anthem for the jets, and also seeing amazing shows like Jimmy Fallon and SNL. Along with My performing related dreams, I also have lots of traveling and exploring the world related goals. I have been to a few places in my life including: New York, Dominican Republic and California, but I want more. It is really important to me that I can experience different cultures and places that are very different then Canada. I am eager to be exposed to new adventures like Going bungie Jumping, zip lining and surfing in foreign countries. I hope this list helps motivate me to accomplish what I want in life. If I can check off even half the things on my bucket list I know I will have an exciting and fulfilling life. It is so important to live life to the fullest. To cherish every moment you have and enjoy the life you are living. If I could wish for a happily ever after I would want to be married, have kids and find a career that I love. I don’t need to be famous or very rich to be happy, all I need is to surrounded with people I love and try new things every day without being afraid!

My Bucket List

Alyssa’s Bucket List
1.Be in a Broadway show
2.Meet Lea Michele
3.Make a Scrapbook
4.Get married
5.Go bungie jumping
6.Go zip lining in a jungle
7.Go to Bora Bora
8.Go surfing in Hawaii
9.Record an original song
10.Go to a 5 star vacation
11.Go to an all inclusive resort
12.Donate a large sum of money to an organization
13.Gamble in Vegas
14.Graduate University
15.Go on a cruise
16.Ride a huge roller coaster
17.Have children
18.Marry the man of my dreams
19.Jump off a cliff into water
20.Pick up sea glass
21.Go to Valley Fair
22.Make original art to put in my room
23.Juggle 85 with a soccer ball
24.Sing the anthem at a professional sports game
25.Volunteer at a local animal shelter
26.Read a new book series
27.Find a career I love
28.Paint a water colour picture
29.See my brother graduate
30.Become a decent cook
31.Eat healthy
32.Find buried treasure
33.Dance with my grandpas at my wedding
34.Sing a duet with Zac
35.Make cake pops
36.Ride a unicycle
37.Play on a soccer team again
38.Go to Fiji
39.Take a tilt Tuesday picture with Ashley Robson
40.Grow out my hair really long
41.Take a picture with the Eiffel tower
43.Be a maid of honour
44.Hit a high “F”
45.Walk a red carpet
46.Learn to play Guitar
47.Have a Large shot glass collection
48.Make people smile
49.Go rock climbing
50.Live in a foreign city
51.Crowd surf
52.Go to Jimmy Fallon’s show
53.See SNL live
54.Go to Disney World
55.Be in the Ellen audience
56.Find a cure for headaches

Personal Addition #27 Pinterest

I love going on Pinterest, it is my favourite thing to do on the computer! I find it so inspiring and relaxing at the same time. I love looking at cute outfits and designs for my future house. I have also really started to find a passion for makeup, there are lots of great tips and tricks on Pinterest that I never knew existed. I also love pining workout plans and outfits. I love working out, it motivates me to see really fit people on Pinterest. Follow on my blog in the link above, its my goal to keep my blog up and make it bigger and better with time.

Personal Addition #26 Lacrosse

In the past couple weeks I have been to a few Lacrosse games. At first I did not like the sport at all, it looked to rough and really boring to watch. I went anyway to support my fellow Huskies and my boyfriend. I felt bad not going at all, but I was always busy during the games. Luckily This past week I was able to make it to two games, and I am starting to enjoy it more. Some of the rules are a little confusing and don’t seem to make very much sense, but I have started to get the hang of it. I do not understand why it is Canada’s national summer sport, I think soccer ,baseball and tennis are played a lot more in Canada. Tomorrow is the semi finals and finals for the provincial lacrosse championship. It is really import to the Sturgeon team because they won last year. I really hope they win tomorrow, it would make everyone very happy! Hopefully I will be able to make it to one of those games! I love supporting my school!

Personal Addition #26 My love of Tea

I love drinking tea! For my birthday I received a pack of 20 different teas from Davids Tea for my birthday, and I can’t get enough of them! Tea makes me feel happy, warm and safe. I love drinking warm tea on a cold winter night or just everyday. In the summer I love drinking cold tea, fruity flavours are so refreshing. My fav0urite kind of tea is Mint Green tea. It has so many health benefits, and it is so delicious. My plan is to buy my own tea pot and set for when I move out. Davids tea has so many nice tea accessories, and I want all of them.

Personal Addition #25 Soccer

Soccer has always been my favourite sport. I started playing at the age of 5 and fell in love with it. I love the aggression and speed of the game. When I was 13 I decided to stop playing and go back into dance. Although I do not regret my choice, I have always missed the game and my teammates. I use to play on St. Charles, I am still good friends with a couple of the girls from that team, like Megan Burns and Hailey Boast. It is so interesting how peoples interests change over the years or stay exactly the same. Mine have changed quite a bit and Ive done many different things, but my love of singing and performing has always been there! Soccer is a great way to stay fit and have fun with friends, I love to get competitive and go hard most of the time though. It is my goal to join another soccer team some time soon!

Personal Addition #24 Dream Destination

I found out recently that my parents decided we are going on a hot vacation in the upcoming year. This really excites me because out trips are usually not tropical! I have so many places that I want to see in my life time. I think traveling and experiencing the world is so important and builds character. The destination I am most interested in going right now is to Bora Bora. I first saw it when it appeared as the Kardashian family trip. It looks so beautiful and the water so crystal clear, it is my mission to go there some day. I don’t know if I can convince my parents that we should go there but I will try! I mean, I will pretty much be happy with anything. Going away in the winter is better then being in minus 40 no matter where you go… maybe not the North Pole though.